Inspection Manager


Inspection Manager (IM) was developed for the semiconductor industry, but has applications in all quality intensive manufacturing operations.

  • Inspection Manager (IM) is an enterprise software that helps high-tech factories optimize defect inspection operations
  • IM analyzes data-feeds from factory control systems (MES, YMS, & SPC) to provide real-time predictive analytics for, e.g. process tool excursion risk, mean time to excursion detection, inspection tool loading, and cycle-time impact
  • IM also provides optimized targets to help fabs optimize the above metrics using only its existing tools
  • ROI is estimated at $3M-$30M per year per semiconductor factory* (for defect inspection only, can be extended to all metrology for additional ROI)

* ISMI Tech Transfer Report #08124977A-ENG

Screenshots & explanations

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