Business & Manufacturing Analytics


We partner with clients to provide software and associated services through a scalable team of domain experts, scientists, consultants, & software developers.
With an extensive background in the complex semiconductor manufacturing industry, Sensor Analytics has the experience and capability to provide a range of solutions, ranging from standard database design, descriptive statistics, & interactive dashboards, to advanced predictive & prescriptive analytics that optimize profitability in real-time.

Key services

  • Design of business & manufacturing intelligence solutions and expert systems
  • Requirements analysis, economic evaluation of projects, and software/hardware platform decision support
  • Software implementation (desktop & enterprise) in close cooperation with client staff. Ongoing maintenance or full knowledge transfer to client

Key application areas

  • Capacity & production planning, inventory management, supply chain/logistics
  • Quality & statistical process control, quantitative risk management
  • Real-time systems

Key tasks, techniques, & tools

  • Database design, reporting, dashboards/data visualization, data mining, event stream & complex event processing, simulation, mathematical modeling & optimization
  • SQL/NoSQL, Java/J2EE, c/c++, Python, SQL Server, Matlab, R, QlikView, SAS, Pentaho