Semiconductor Manufacturing

Inspection Planning

Sensor Analytics has a one-of-a-kind expertise in the field of inspection capacity and “sample planning” for semiconductor manufacturing.

Link: datasheet for inspection planning services.

Link: Industry and academic publications authored by Sensor Analytics consultants.

Optimization of process control operations

SA has pioneered new methods for high-tech firms to simultaneously maintain high quality and fast/low cost production. Here Sensor Analytics provides its own analysis and real-time enterprise software solutions that quantify & predict risk, and specify how to minimize incidents of low quality/service/reliability. We call it “predictive policing of quality incidents”. This has applications in, e.g. manufacturing, logistics, and utilities.

Sensor Analytics has implemented these new methods in software tailored to the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The key semiconductor specific services provided are often associated with the use of these software products, Inspection Manager and Inspection Planner.

Business & manufacturing intelligence, analytics, & optimization

In addition to inspection planning, Sensor Analytics offers all the services described on our business & manufacturing intelligence services page to clients in the semiconductor industry.

Due to its extensive background in the complex semiconductor manufacturing industry, Sensor Analytics has the experience and capability to provide a range of solutions, ranging from standard database design, descriptive statistics, & interactive dashboards, to advanced predictive & prescriptive analytics that optimize cycle-time and yield in real-time.